Annoying license issues (license cancelled for no good reason)

I have a full license for cubase pro, and always buy the updates. On my laptop I still have cubase pro 11. I went for a trip, packed my laptop and the licenser usb stick and just discovered that cubase 11 does no longer start on my laptop - probably because my license was upgrades to cubase 12 and the cubase 11 license was simply… Now I cant work on my trip. This is annoyingly unprofessional for „pro“ software!

Simply what? C11 needs the old License. What is your eLicenser control showing?

What does eLicenser Control Center show?

You likely do still have a Cubase 11 licence on the USB eLicenser - just one that is no longer upgradable (because you have already upgraded it). You might need to update eLicenser Control Center so that you can run Cubase 11 with this licence.