Annoying little coloring "bug"(?)

Something that annoys me: If I select all the tracks within a folder and try and change the color of all the tracks, it only changes the first track. So I have to select each individual track to recolor. Annoying!


Please watch this video and follow the steps. For how we can name several tracks and chose fix color to them using logical editor tools

Hape this will help

hi not sure if this will help. wavetuner posted this and I use it a lot. but have not used for folders myself yet tho.

If you are trying to change the Track color in the Inspector, that will only change the color of the Track who’s Inspector you used.

To change multiple Tracks all at once make sure that no Parts are selected in the Project Window (or this will change the Part’s color). Next use shift & ctrl to select all the Tracks you want to change. Then use the Color Menu on the Toolbar to set the new color.

Exactly-I was just coming back here to say that this was user error. Very happy to have figured it out!