Annoying micro-click on playback start/stop mid-audio

Obviously this is caused by starting and stopping play in the middle of active audio (ie it doesn’t happen during silent passages), with the start or stop command bit-slicing present active data/sound.

It would be much nicer if the start/stop actions had a tiny ‘soft-start/stop’ function so these annoying clicks are not produced. I mean literally tiny. last thing I want is a fade-in/out of any length at all.

Just a bit tacky the way it is at present. Very obvious in quieter sections. And once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it.

It also happens when moving the cursor around in the project while the project is playing.

It’s not a ‘problem’ as such, but it could be done better.

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I’ve noticed this - and seems to be worse in v11 as I’d never really spotted or been bothered by it before.

There is (always) a disk cache spike when you play/stop or move the cycle markers and these seem to generate a click. Doesn’t matter what you have you ASIO buffer set at.

10.5 seemed much better in this respect, even thought the same disk cahe spikes occur.

It’s just one of those things that one has to deal with . So there’s a click, as long as it’s not the result of a less than clean edit , thus permanent . It’s something we all deal with . Why are you stopping and starting? … doesn’t matter, even if you put the audio in a range loop it may click going around, either at the end or beginning of the loop . sometimes I can’t tell, so I move the range a bit so I’m sure it’s not a sloppy edit click . that’s the important thing to verify (i.e. sloppy edit click, or playback anomaly?) . don’t be so critical and just accept a slight anomaly over all the cool stuff Cubase does. No doubt the engineers are aware of this and would have fixed it if possible . cheers!

It’s worse under 11. And yes, it’s annoying. Some plug-ins seem to exacerbate it.

So, I write “ It’s not a ‘problem’ as such, but it could be done better”, then you feel the need to write an entire long paragraph telling me to not worry about it.


My point is, as others above have agreed, that it didn’t do this before.

I will never understand why some people feel the need to defend multimillion dollar companies against justifiable criticism.

This should get fixed or at least turned into an option. Too much clickity clackity as it is, very fatiguing.

I think I noticed this problem in V10.

It’s actually a major workflow issues and inconvenience because there’s no way to determine if it is a playback click-artifact, or a click-artifact in the audio itself.

Maybe we could all vote this up at the top of this thread. But unfortunately, judging by the small amount of replies here, most of the audio engineers lurking here don’t know what a click is! :thinking: :joy: