annoying output problem


I was wondering if someone could do me the huge favor of explaining busses and outputs to me; I’ve looked through the forums and just can’t find an explanation that doesn’t use all kinds of other lingo I don’t understand.

here’s why I ask. I spent quite a while putting together this song on cubase 5, and it was sounding pretty good, but at higher volumes my speakers would crackle, and it got pretty annoying. I went out and got myself a pair of new, higher quality speakers. during the setup of my speakers and my USB hub, the Ci2+ interface I use was disconnected; cubase reset the driver to the internal microphone…so I just set it back to CI2+ and thought everything would work out fine.

not so…I can’t hear that song anymore. all the notes are there, I can see that they’re being played because I can see the mixer bars moving, but there’s no sound coming out. when I add another instrument to that song, the same thing happens, I see the mixer bars moving, but I hear no sound. I wanted to know whether or not the problem was with the installation of the speakers, so I created a new project, inserted some new instruments, and the sound works fine. I then opened an older song that I was working on a few weeks ago…and it too plays fine.

why is it that all of a sudden there would be no sound coming out of only one of the songs I have? why is it that I can get sound to come out of the other songs without having changed any of the device setups or anything.

I’m sure it just has to do with my fundamental lack of understanding with how buses, inputs, and outputs work.

I go into device setup, and it looks like everything’s the way it should be…but it’s obviously not. or maybe it’s not even in device setup that the problem is…i dunno.

can anyone help a total noob to music production?


You might check VST connections , if you haven’t already… This exact thing has happened to setup…


Check clock source from device setup, you might be trying to sync to non-existing clock. Happens to me often…

If you disconnect your interface while Cubase is running, Cunase automatically switches to the stamdard ASIO direct X driver. Since the driver depends on the hardware, changed drivers means changed in- and outputs. So first thing is to re-select the correct driver in dveice setup, then make sure, the main outs are configured correctly in VST-connections, and if necessary re-select the correct output for every track in the project window or mixer (if the interfave was disconnected with the project active…). Since by changing the driver, the existing outputs are no longer eavailable, and the tracks get set to “not connected”.