Annoying Playback bug that reminds me of that other...

I’m having an impossible time trying to trace this bug that used to happen all the time in Sib… Ehem! That other forgotten notation program…
Basically, for some reason, once a score gets pretty heavy with tons of different articulations and markings, some instruments will stop playing the correct keyswitches for many sections…? It will continue doing this even if I restart Dorico, but the next day it won’t until several hours in… If at all! It seems completely random although it does happen consistently to the same instruments within the same score e.g. Violins II, Bass Trombone, etc. Of course it’s never a lead voice, it’s always a 3rd, 4th or lower so that it’s not obvious but when listening to the playback you just notice something is off… :frowning:

Of course the main problem is that it makes Dorico’s audio export very unreliable…

Today I installed the Xbox game bar to try to capture it on a video, but it decided to never do it when I was recording the video and it would do it again as soon as I stopped recording… Fortunately I have a sense of humour and actually found it hilarious!

Thoughts? Anybody else experiencing this?

We’ve never had any reports of this. My suspicion would be that this could be related to starting playback midway through a flow, and perhaps Dorico is incorrectly chasing the playing techniques under some circumstances.

If the problem only affects particular instruments, please try cutting down the project to only those instruments, and then see whether you can reproduce the problem again. If you can, please then provide that project and the steps to reproduce the problem, and we will be happy to look into it further.

OK I found the problem. The issue is that the Keyswitches in Kontakt are getting stuck, thus no new keyswitch is respected. I even tried forcing it by notating the keyswitch change with ffffff attached to it, but the only thing that works is to retrigger the stuck key, in this case either Natural (C0) or or Tremolo (F0), other key don’t seem to have the problem.

I’ll do more testing when I finish this project in about a week.

Be well!

A stab in the dark… you don’t have a keyboard attached to Kontact that is faultily continuously sending on those keys?

Nope… (I mean I do, but no it’s not sending anything, I’ve looked through Kontakt’s own MIDI Monitor and it’s only getting messages from Dorico). But thanks for chipping in… I’ll have to sort out the playback in Cubase for now… Sigh!

Is your Kontakt player set up with the polyphony too low, and when it has to “lose” some MIDI events it sometimes loses the key switches?

Hi Rob, no, not at all. Both Kontakt and the computer have space to spare… Despite the very large playback/score…