Annoying problem recording with Punch in/Punch out

When I record audio in a cycle (but also in linear mode, as I will say later), there is an annoying problem if I record using Punch-in/Punch-out fuction: I can hear, at the punch-in point, the audio from the last recorded lanes for a very brief moment of time, about a second. And over it, of course, the new audio I’m recording.
After that second the audio of the last lane disappears, and I can record with no disturbances, but again, on the next cycle, the sound of my last lane recorded for a little while.

This obviously creates problems to the record process and I have to deactivate punch-in/out function, indeed there are no problems using just L/R locators. But I can’t use that useful function.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution for this?
Thank you so much!

PS: even if I record with no cycle, in linear mode, but in the measures from punch-in to punch-out an audio event is already there, I can hear this old audio for a second or less when recording start at punch-in.


Does your Audio Device suport Loopback? If yes, try to disable it, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for your help!
I don’t know, I don’t think this Loopback is supported, this is not a declared function and I’ve never heard about it!
It’s a Yamaha N12 digital mixer/audio card. Manual doesn’t talk about this.
I’m on a mac with HighSierra
And as I said , with no punch-in/out activated no recording problem!


Yamaha N12 doesn’t support Loopback.

What Cubase version do yours, please?

Cubase 11 Pro

(but I also tested on C10 Pro and C10.5 Pro, that are still installed on my computer)

No others with this problem too??


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Could you reproduce it if you record to the lanes without Punch In/Out too?

Could you try with other Audio Device (for example build-in), please? Could you try different Buffer Size settings? Or change the ASIO-Guard settings?