Annoying problem

I am having this annoying problem when drawing CC1 curves for some instruments. As shown in the attached screenshot, there are spikes in the values along the curves at random locations. So the sound is jumpy as a result.
I tried both line and curve drawings but these spikes do not go away, but rather reappear in random locations every time I draw a new curve. I am not able to erase them either.
This only happens for some instruments, in this case woodwinds.
Any thoughts appreciated.


An update …
This problem is now randomly happening to other tracks too!
I just found that the violin track is full of random spikes on the CC1 curve that I am unable to get rid of even if I redraw the curve.
When I select and delete my entire curve, there is still some expression showing up in gray line in the attached image. How does Dorico determine the CC1 dynamics on its own. My notation has no dynamic markings.

Please help!

I think we’ll need to see the project itself here to be able to make any recommendations. Can you cut your project down to just a few bars in one or two instruments that still reproduce the problem and then attach it here?

I have a couple of ideas about what could be causing it, but it would be easier to diagnose if I can see the project itself. One possibility is that you have multiple instruments targeted at the same endpoint (the same plug-in, port, and channel), and so the data you’re entering on one instrument is also being merged into the data for another instrument. Another possibility is that the data you’ve entered in the dynamics editor is fighting with the data you’ve entered in the MIDI CC editor for MIDI CC 1. Yet another is that there’s some kind of subtle problem involving independent voice playback.

But without the project I can’t say for sure.

Hi Daniel,
I managed to debug the problem based on your ideas. Your first guess was right…I had routed two tracks to the same instrument. I am still not sure how that caused this issue but when I made independent instances for the tracks the problem went away.
Again I don’t fully appreciate Dorico yet to understand whats hapening but the problem is fixed for now.
Thank you!