Annoying startup banner 'feature' request

In a future upgrade, I would like to see the startup banner limited to the current desktop for Windows 10+ rather than ALL desktops I have created. Slightly annoying…

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Just to understand it correct, you get the startup banner on two or more displays at the same time?

How are they configured? This is an effect that happens only if you duplicate the Windows desktop output in the settings.

Not more displays, in all Desktops. I had a screenshot, but guess this forum doesn’t support…
In “Task View” you can switch to another desktop while the Dorico is occasionally struggling to start up to wait it out and do something else, but instead, the banner from Desktop 1 is also on Desktop 2, and it is MODAL which means it is in the way. I’d like a setting to just disable the startup banner.

Ok, you are using virtual Desktops in Windows. That is something I use as well, currently I have four desktops active, but the Startup Banner is just on the Desktop I currently view. I don’t know where this can be configured, but I doubt it is related to Dorico.

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