Annoying thing

I ugraded to 9.010 Before and some settings seems to have changed and i dont know how to get it back. If i am in the midi editor and programming drumparts. Everytime i want to listen to what i have edited i want to see my midi dots also. But cubase throwing me out to the “trackarea” (dont know what the name is of this window=startwindow) all the time. I want to stay in the midieditor window so its easier to see what i have edited and get it right when playback. Then i can see multi midi windows wich i have to Close, so everytime i want to playback and see what i have edited cubase have opened a new window instead of letting me be inside it and put me back to the “startwindow”. Sure there is an easy way to change it in preference i guess. But English is not my native language and i dont know what to searh for


I’m sorry, what is your goal. Do you want to open Drum Editor in a dedicated window by default and then keep it open? Why do you click to the Project window, when you want to play the song back? You can do so even in the editor