Annoying ties question...

Hello community,
i need to have two ties inbetween the orange notes.
How would you do it?
It’s quite impossible to accomplish with my experience, so i went to use slurs instead as these are not as restive…

Any ideas?

You do it exactly how you’ve done it, one pitch at a time. Select the first note, shift select the second note and hit T. Then repeat for the other pitches.

Ctrl-click, I think. Shift-click generally grabs everything around it. Like my middle child.

Dan’s right, of course. Ctrl or Cmd click, depending on whether you’re on Windows or mac.

Ooups, you are so right, but it only works when i select them together…
otherwise, one by one, this happens, ties are seeking contact somewhere:

Any ideas why this happens?

Because they’re in different voices. Dorico will try to tie to the next identical pitch in the SAME voice, unless you force it to do otherwise.

Ah, no! now i know, i really have to select both notes, source and target. Thought it connects automatically to the next note possible in the same voice… Heureka!

These performances always come to my mind when i hear Hallelujah!
Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

and of course