Annoying Time Counter Functionality

This is something that really irritates me PG. When I call up a time marker or CD gap setting such as “Adjust pauses before tracks” and it is sitting there with 2s in the window. If I press the down arrow twice in its spin control I expect it to go down to 1s then to 0s, and not to 998ms. Why should it default to millisecs on the up and down arrows?

Another example is when I click the marker time in the status bar, the spinner goes up and down in millisecs again, instead of seconds like it used to in WL6.

Can we click the division we want in the initial click and have the spinner change the correct value?

This happens if you put the focus on the element to edit milliseconds. If you put the focus on the element to edit seconds, it does not happen.

For the CD gap example, you don’t set any focus, just click the up or down and it transfers to millisecs. Also, it only shows seconds initially, and then shows and jumps to ms even if you click near the secs setting. Its another example of one more click and more, after you’ve accidentally set 998ms, being required in WL7 over WL6. It’s a bit frustrating.