annoying voice reserve (polyphony) issue with c6


I’ve got an annoying voice reserve (polyphony) issue with c6 and non realtime rendering.

I’ve maybe 6 or 7 instances of EWQL play running, nexus, quite a few waves processors, fm8… well I can say intotal i’ve got 18 instruments running + 8 or 9 more effects.

WHat happens is that when I try to do a non real time audio mixdown, on a certain location , almost all notes cut off and just one or 2 vsti’s continue to play.

I’ve tried to set the voices in PLAY higher, but that doesn’t seem to work. Also not only the PLAY instruments stop playing at that point but also my realguitars , the ONLY thing that keeps playing in the recording is a certain omnisphere arrangement i’ve got.

I can’t seem to pinpoint what this is, is that a cpu overload prevention or maybe something else ?

I use the 64bit version on windows 7 with 6 gb ram. I also use the latest jbridge version but in the case of this project only some jbridged effects are used and not the instruments, I’ll have to look further into this but now, I don’t have a clue.