Annual Dorico e-licensing check in

Any progress in the transition away from the E-licenser? There are still a lot of us out here waiting for a non-dongle solution.

No, not yet (and it’s not in the hands of the Dorico team; it’s a wider Steinberg question).

Right, but there is a group of people working hard on it. It’s not an easy task, because a whole new infrastructure needs to be created, integrated and migrated into our IT solution. Still difficult to tell when it will be all ready, but it is just a matter of time.

Thanks guys!

Is there a chance to fix the current system? I lost an hour of work the other day when I closed the lid on my Surface, sending it to sleep. Waking up from sleep, Dorico couldn’t find the dongle, and no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t recognize it again. At least mitigate the problem by adding an autosave option or something?

I’m sorry you lost work. We absolutely plan to add auto-save to Dorico as soon as possible.