Annual Grouse: Installer Doesn't Migrate Settings

Serious merde.

It turns what -should- be a 3 minute process into basically an hour of fun EVERY time I update.

It’s not like the installer is unsophisticated… it already scans for prior versions and folders so why oh why?

It hacks me off because it’s just LAZINESS. The guy who writes the installer script could -easily- offer the user an option to copy over the XML files to the new path and update the necessary registry entries to avoid the whole plug-in re-scan nonsense.

Just ticks me off time. It’s like buying a new car and then finding cigarettes in the ash try. Not a deal breaker, but during that wasted hour it takes the bloom off the rose.

Installs should be a HAPPY time. You should be able to just update and GO to work.


But, luckily, there are Profiles in Cubase 8.5, now. So you can store your current profile as an “Old car” profile (to make a backup), and start from scratch in Cubase 8.5 with Default profile.

And this helps me with the current migration… how?

You can choose, if you want to use the migrated profile, or the “factory” one.

I’ve seen complaints about this at every upgrade. But the odd thing is it has never happened to me (knock on wood). All my settings automatically get migrated every time. So obviously the installer attempts to do this, and sometimes it works and other times it does not. I wonder what is different between systems where the settings successfully migrate and those that don’t?

Could it possibly be a UAC issue?

Perhaps settings are only migrated if you install in the default location with a fortuitous combination of either for All or for a Single User? Any straying from the one true path results in you losing the migration lottery and forfeiting an hour of your life.

I actually believe this may be close to the truth. I say this because the number of plug-ins I have that ONLY work if installed in their default locations is pretty long… Even though the installer -says- you can install wherever you like, one needs to uninstall, re-install to their happy place for them to work.

I’m talking to you Magic AB, SoundToys, CamelAudio (good riddance), NI, et al.

And ESPECIALLY STEINBERG… you’d think that Groove Agent and Halion Symphonic Orchestra would be smart enough to handle a custom sample location but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.