Annual nag report!

It’s a year after the release of Halion 5 and we haven’t seen a single update since.

Still essential stuff like ping pong loop, continuous legato, panning on the mapping page, play ruler in the sample editor, more flexible modulation destinations, visual modulation feedback on controls, latch etc. etc. are missing.


Now that Groove Agent 4 has been released, probably they will continue working on HALion again.

What makes you think that (most of these essentials aren’t even in GA4)?

You among others requested these kind of things 2 years ago in the Halion 4 wishlist.
You find it no problem, simple but essential tasks still aren’t present in HALion 5?

I bet there are features in Groove Agent’s sample editor that are ready to be ported Halion :wink:

Yes, the development team of HALion and GA are nearly identical, (check the About windows in both apps or just in GA SE) and Groove Agent is different enough just to completely take up their dev resources.

Sure there are several things to be improved in HALion, but it is very usable in its current form (it got the MIPA 2014 award for best VST instrument), and can produce stunning results.

I think they are simply not allowed to ignore HALion (as they did with old HALion versions), instead they should focus on rapid development - we’ll see :wink:

I don’t say Halion isn’t usable.
The MIPA award only tells me the press (the guys that need to sell advertisement space) like Halion from Steinberg (the company that buys space for advertising).

That’s my point! A year without any single update isn’t what I call rapid development.

I had hope for more libraries, seams kind of forgotten :confused: