Annual Request 2023: Vertical Markers

I got old and tired of re-typing the same thing. But basically, there should be the vertical equivalent of a Marker Track. A way to instantly jump to a particular track in a project. Yes, I know one -could- create PLE scripts and use very consistent templates and I’ve tried all that and… it’s allllll kludgey as hell. Part of it is the ‘accordion-like’ nature of folder tracks. Part of it is that I can’t be bothered taking hours renaming existing CPRs. Part of it is that one runs out of key commands. Part of it is that I got SICK of remember a bajillion key commands. I don’t WANT to be ‘consistent’.

Damnit, Jim I’m an artist, not a bricklayer. :slight_smile:

What I’d like is simply a Vertical Marker Window that floats along and you can click on a marker and it would immediately jump you 100 tracks up to the ‘Violas’ or down to the ‘BVox’ area of the CPR.


good idea!