Annual Request: 3 Arrangers. 3 Mix Consoles

Two man enters, one man leaves… :smiley:

Since the earliest days, Cubase has offered 3 Mixers for the same CPR.

Why aren’t there 3 Arrangers?

Separate mixers are important since a project can have so many tracks.

Well VERTICAL real estate and scrolling are now just as rough in the arranger.

So… 3 arrangers, each with completely independent views and controls; just as with Mix Console. It seems self-evident.

Oh… and if Cubase ever gets docking. What would triple super keen would be if each of the 3 arrangers could be docked to the 3 MixConsoles, basically giving you 3 -views- you could tab between at the drop of a hat.

Makes sense.

With three arrangers, the last bit would already be possible using Workspaces. In fact, couldn’t you use workspaces to give you most of what you’re asking for already? (I’m afraid I’ve not looked into what is/isn’t available in those. Eg, channel visibility may or may not be included?)

Not at all. A Workspace just saves a configuration of windows.

You can currently have 3 SIMULTANEOUS MixConsoles on screen at once. I use that all the time, rather than endlessly scrolling left-right for large track counts.

Well, the same thing should be done with the Arranger. 3 SIMULTANEOUS Arrangers so I don’t have to scroll up and down endlessly. I do orchestras and I’m CONSTANTLY going up/down. What I want is to be able to have another monitor and dedicate it to independent Arrangers… each with its own tracks that I want to work on.

Eg… Winds in Arranger 1, Strings in Arranger 2, Vocal comps in Arranger 3. All at the same time!