Annual Request: Abort Project Load

Eleven years on this one. Tempus Fawgeddaboudit.

At any point during ‘the Load process’ one should be able to hit File|Close and -instantly- cancel the procedure.

That right there would’ve saved me a hundred hours over my life with Cubase.

I deleted my original +1 response to this after thinking about it a bit and referring to CB to test how it actually works for me.

+1 but… maybe this is a bug? I dunno.

Every so often I do see an abort button when opening a .cpr. Sometimes you can press it and it will abort the loading but sometimes it disappears especially during loading large projects. So I guess that is what needs to be looked at… an “Abort” button that is there and available throughout the .cpr load process to instantly cancel the load process.

Regards :sunglasses:

Don’t weenie out.

There -is- an ‘Abort’ button (sometimes). However, it has -zero- correlation with the real world for the following reasons:

  1. The actual part where it says ‘Loading Project’ and with the Abort button is usually the FASTEST part of the whole process. That happens typicall in just a few seconds.

  2. Then MixConsole starts up. Apparently this is a completely different set of programming ‘threads’. This is where the action happens… all the VSTs and VSTis. No Abort in this phase.

  3. The -real- delays are during VSTi loads… like sample libs.

What is needed is what is called in programming a Panic Interrupt… When someone hits Ctrl-F4 (or whatever) this instantly sends a signal to -every- thread (VST, VSTi,) to dump. NOTHING like that happens in Cubase… well, unless you give it the 3-fingered salute.

And the problem with simply killing Cubase is that you run the risk of losing all sorts of settings during the session which are ONLY saved during a clean Cubase shutdown. (The MRU for example.)

Cute :slight_smile: but,

I stuck with the +1 with the thought that the “abort” button stay available throughout the .cpr load process. Isn’t that that what you requested? A way to kill it whenever you want.

Regardless, a person needs catlike reflexes to hit that abort button before it disappears. That’s why I mentioned “the bug” thingy. That button should stay available throughout the whole load process (maybe it was supposed to?). And if it was a bug, this idea might actually get fixed faster than incorporating the new feature (11 years…).

Regards :sunglasses: