Annual Request: Activate Multiple Outputs In One Go

Drives me NUTS. Every year. If I open Kontakt and want to activate 6 output pairs I have to open/close, open/close 6 frickin’ time. Right up there with no Lock Locators and the lack of triplet grids and…

Grrr… I don’t want new ‘sexy’ features. And I’m not too bothered about ‘bugs’ like some people. I want these WORKFLOW details that have been left untended for TEN YEARS.

that’s more what Kontakt tells Cubase to activate in the instrument rack. the instrument rack already has a button to “activate all outs” which works fine with plenty of other multichannel VSTi’s and external instruments.

Maybe prepare repetitive tasks in a template? setting up your kontakt instances and/or output channels?

Why aren’t you choosing the option, “open all outputs” (or similar wording)? One fell swoop and all.

Because I -rarely- use 16 or even 8 channels. I usually use only 4 or 5. So if I ‘Activate All’ it’s the same PITA—only in reverse.

Yeah, I see what you mean.

Just setup a template…

How would you like to tell Cubase to use only 4 out of 16 channels, without telling?
Now think about telling, how many keystrokes or mouse clicks would one need to tell Cubase?
Now think about if this is actually MORE or LESS than the 4 clicks needed to activate the channels :wink:
(Clicking a field, entering 4 as a value and press enter are already 3 actions)

Or, they could simply address my F/R. :smiley:

Or, they could simply address my F/R. :smiley:

Look, I -rarely- use a ‘template’ because I find it locks me into composing a certain way.

Yeah, an arbitrary “4” being the default for multichannel VST’s that makes really sense.
Composing in a certain way?!? Your question is about a repetitive action that annoys you (otherwise you would’t create the request) THAT is EXACTLY what templates are for, to avoid repetition.
If you use konkakt all the time I don’t see how prepopulating kontakt makes you composing in a certain way? :slight_smile:

That would help me for sure.

Are you serious? What would be the logic behind that from an avg user perspective?
Just learn how to create templates, you will thrive. Set everything to your hand, no more repetitive tasks.

If you don’t think the F/R is worthy, don’t support. But my suggestion would be thisL

Be -very- reluctant to tell another user how they -should- work.



Adding features is not simple. Using existing functionality in Cubase is.