Annual Request: Batch Process Queue

All Pro Video Editors have some sort of ‘batch process’… you work on any number of projects and then Queue up their rendering in a separate mini-app and go away. When you say ‘Go’ the mini-app then proceeds to load each project and render it. It’s the only way to go with video given the loooong render times.

Wavelab has a -very- sophisticated processor like this.

Cubase NEEDS this. I WASTE more time waiting for CPRs to load to do teensy tweaks, then render, the close then open another CPR. I dunno how others work, but this totally linear workflow is stuck back in 2003.

I want to be able to work on several CPRs (preferably at the same time!) THEN go for dinner and come back and Et Viola! they’re ALL RENDERED en masse.

It bothers me more with each passing year as I see other apps increasingly have this capability. PLUS, WTF did I buy all these ‘cores’ and ‘gigabytes’ if Cubase is still stuck doing one thing at a time?