Annual Request: Better VST Performance Metering

For me, the VST Performance Meter has always been pretty useless. It’s supposed to display disk overages vs. ‘performance’ overages (whatever -that- means). Usually (again FOR ME) it’s inaccurate–displaying overs when the sound appears fine.

But the main thing is that I look at it and go “so what?” It doesn’t -help- me in any way.

What I -want- is a breakdown (by VST or VSTi or other subsystem) by PERCENTAGE OF UTILISATION as one gets in the UAD Performance meter (if you have a UAD-1 or UAD-2) -or- in the Windows Task Mgr.

I need to see -which- plugs are using the most resources—either causing CPU overs or disk overs. THAT would help me.

That would take all the fun out of it…
Otherwise +1

You may be right. Perhaps I should request that they simply screw usefulness and make it more entertaining… I’m thinking Tetris.


Something like this I gather?

Yowza. That’s EXACTLY what Cubase needs. And have you read the doc for that feature? Double Yowza.

I gotta say, Studio 3 has some -very- nice stuff. Maybe it’s because they’re starting from a clean slate, but they just do things like this is such a more ‘pro’ way. I mean… they think about details for each feature, rather than just slapping on stuff (like the current Perf Meter in Cubase). And then they write GOOD docs for it!