Annual Request: Closing Project Does NOT Automatically Activate Next Open CPR

Don’t you -HATE- when you have multiple CPRs open. You close one and then the next one Activates all by itself.

So many of the C10.0 hate posts have to do with usability. ie. adding new features but instead of focusing on basic usability and this is a prime example. This teeny, tiny little thing has been a problem since SX1 and NEVER gets fixed but it’s a TOTAL PITA because it often takes over FIVE MINUTES for serious CPRS to fully load, right? Everyone experiences that. You wanna talk about productivity waster. THAT’S A PRODUCTIVITY WASTER. I often have to plan my work day around activities where I want to move material from one CPR to another because of the crap ability to work on multiple CPRs at one time.

I don’t -need- new colour schemes or new reverb impulses or whatever. I need BASIC things like -this- or the ability to LOCK LOCATORS to get fixed every fifteen or twenty years!