Annual Request: Cursor Should Follow Project When Opening Editors Even With AutoScroll Off

This is not a ‘feature’ but rather a change in -behaviour- that would be so useful to me I think I can safely say that I would pay for a .5 update just to get this. Or put less pleasantly, the current behaviour is MADDENING.


During playback I will often open the Key Editor or Sample Editor or Parts Editor. What is CRAAAAAAAZYMAKING is that cursor and visual position in the child window often does not follow along with the main project UNLESS one has AutoScroll enabled.

I fucking hate AutoScroll. In fact, I only ever turn it ‘on’ just to get around this problem.


When you open a child window, the position of the window should begin generally where the playback was the moment you opened the window… EVEN WITH AUTOSCROLL TURNED OFF.

A lot of people edit stuff as playback continues beyond the point they are editing, ie, if the client is listening and the engineer is hearing things they want to edit, clean up, etc.

Also, if I have a section looped, I may have a 2 beat fill as a separate event I want to edit within the grand scheme of things.

So I don’t really get this request, it seems counter productive but maybe I am misunderstanding it.

If I want to go to current cursor position, I just hit ‘F’/scroll, so what is the hassle here? Just double tap it quick to turn on which located cursor, and thne off.