Annual Request: Default And Accelerator Keys

please make the OK button NOT require a fucking mouse click! Make it respond to a default key [Enter] like a proper application.

And please bring back accelerator key… again like a proper application. If yer too young to remember what those were, eg. where you can hit Alt-A and the button marked ‘Apply’ is automatically selected.

These are, hands down,s the single biggest productivity DESTROYERS since the birth of ‘SX’

Does this need a +something? Isn’t this standard Windows behaviour?

If you go to the Key Commands, that have the “old” “windows-style” layout, and you press “S”, the macro panel opens and closes. Press ESC, it’s Close, Press Enter, it’s OK. Isn’t that nice?

I’m guessing that when they made the new UI they somehow… forgot about it? But it’s time that they draw straws, and one good lad will sit down and document all these little peeves and have them fixed. At least that’s my hope.

Cubase does not behave according to the Windows Developer’s GUI guide… or rather. 9x% of it doesn’t. There are all these little vestiges of 17 years ago.

And what’s triple-word-score maddening is that the program has like SIX -different- looks and behaviours… which was EXACTLY the problem Charlie and Lars set out to correct in creating SX. No one remembers this now, but VST5 had -exactly- the same issue: Every part of the program behaved inconsistently. SX1 was lacking, but it was clean and consistent looking. And slowly… things just drifted.

Yes, that WOULD be nice!

+10000 to this.