Annual Request: Disable AutoSave With Mouse Active


The AutoSave should NEVER kick in when you have the mouse active. Or in the midst of typing. It should -wait- for there to be NO apparent user input.

It only ever seems to swing into action right when I’m concentrating on a detailed automation move or typing a command.

It’s like a bull in a china shop.

I can’t tell you how many times that stupid wheel cursor has SCREWED UP some critical operation for me.

It’s not quite as bad as not being able to Lock Locators, but it’s right up there in terms of MOST ANNOYING CUBASE BEHAVIOURS EVER.

True, but even if Cubase did watch the activity of the mouse this wouldn’t necessarily improve the situation, because you may grab the mouse at any time just when Cubase decided it is going to do an autosave. Cubase would have to look ahead into the near future to be able to tell with certainty. :slight_smile: Anyway, another approach would be to do autosave from a thread with low priority so you basically don’t notice at all except that the hard-drive is more busy temporarily. Or, even another approach would be to implement autosave in an incremental way, so Cubase would only have to save the difference from a previous autosave, which may be so small an amount of data it can do so very quickly.

What I’ve come to do is always get in the habit of Control+S to save. You should be able to turn off auto save after you become the “auto saver”, right?