Annual Request: Do NOT Activate Project When Closing Project

This is the single most annoying thing that makes me want to die every time it happens. People complain about accidentally clicking the loop on and off but it’s nothing compared to closing a project and forgetting you had another one loaded or even worse, it reverts to the 1 you didn’t want. The sense of dread, the NOOO! as you await the load bar you had no desire to finish.


Make it do nothing… we can then simply click the activation or x, of what ever we require.

The -really- frustrating thing?

There is a backlog of about 50 requests like this… requests that a decent developer could knock out in a couple of days… that go untouched for TEN YEARS.

Just want to quote a post I’ve written in another thread (hope it helps somehow):

“Yes, this is annoying but I use a workaround for this.
I always start Cubase/Nuendo with a blank project than open all other loaded projects that I’m actually working on. Whenever I close any project, I don’t need to think about which will be activated next, the blank project gets activated automatically in a second, then I can choose which other loaded project I want to activate.
It always defaults to the first blank project.
This can save you a lot of time.”

What about if multiple have been opened? Does it always revert to the first empty project? I can’t see me doing it but that’s genius.

Yes, it always reverts to the first empty project. It does not matter how many projects are open at the same time.

This caught me out last night. I must try the load empty first.