Annual Request: Drag Numeric Values Broken

I actually consider this a bug, but they never accept it over in the Tissues forum (where unresolved problems go to have a big globby cry)…

I dunno about you, but I use the mouse to -drag- the numeric values up and down of controls ALL THE TIME. But they don’t work consistently and it drives me kinda pazzo.

Move yer mouse onto a numeric control. A great example is the EQ frequency or width in a Channel Editor. I’ll wait.

Now drag it up. Note that the Freq doesn’t go up, up, up. It -probably- starts going down, Down, DOWN.

OK, relax. Stretch.

Now. Again, move yer mouse onto the same numeric control and drag down, Down, DOWN. And again, which direction will it go? Probably not the direction you expect. It’s kinda exciting wondering. You never know in this little game!

In short: you have to drag, let go and then drag AGAIN to get the -direction- (increment or decrement) to work properly.

Please fix Mr. Santy. I’ve been very good FOR THE LAST TEN FRICKIN’ YEARS! Or Klaus. Or Nick. Or Black Pete. Or whatever gift god they pray to over there these days.

Not seeing that here.

Why does this not surprise me.

Obviously this is something I did not make clear. It ‘comes and goes’. If one tries it -once- it (usually) ‘works’. But it seems that when using it often, it becomes progressively less reliable over the course of the session… until it reaches a point where basically it -always- goes in the wrong direction.

And since I use it all the time, within a few minutes of a session it becomes something where I have to do -every- increment/decrement -twice-… even the ones that -do- work. Because it is so unreliable, my habit has become habitual, like working a clutch.

Hm… I’ll play with it some more later, but have you tried it without the compensating extra moves?