Annual Request: Export Audio Queue (Encore)

There should be a way to Queue up CPRs for Export Audio.

I’ve given up on Cubase -ever- realistically supporting having 2 open CPRs at one time, but if I could simply queue up jobs to be exported, then go onto another CPR and then have the Exports proceed ‘en batch’ when I go for coffee that would help a lot.

I’ll save ya the trouble of design: Just open up Adobe Premiere/After Effects and see how it works with Encore… (or Final Cut or any pro video editor). Copy -that-. I would say ‘do it like Wavelab’ but for some reason you -never- seem to borrow from Phillipe, although his system is pretty much perfect too.

Double Plus Good: Encore gives you a very nice LOG of each Export. Drives me nuts that after each Export Audio, you don’t get a ‘Job Done!’ indicator… how long it took, what you did, when it completed. It just returns to ‘Export|Cancel’.

In short: one should be able to queue up jobs for export en batch at a later time. And as they render, a log should be kept of the processes and the results.


nice idea!!