Annual Request: Ghost Parts With Overriden Parameters

It should be possible to have a ghost copy of a Part that still has some unique Parameter(s)

An example will make this easier…

I have a violin Part on track #1. I make a ghost copy to the cellos on track #3. I want to be able to specify that the ghost part on track #3 is transposed -8va. BUT I do NOT want to alter the notes on that ghost copy because that would, of course, alter the notes on the original Part on track #1. So I want the ghost copy to continue to function like a ‘ghost’, BUT I want the notes to be auto-magically transposed down.

This would save me HOURS of time, where I realise that Parts that are doubled needs to be tweaked. Currently I have to go in and re-edit -each- doubled Part. Cubase should be smart enough to see that they are all the same melodic line or ostinato—they’re just in different octaves.

For the programmery types, I’m talking about ‘inherited objects’. The ghost copy (child object) should inherit from the original (parent) BUT be allowed to ‘override’ without altering the parent.