Annual Request: Make Folder Events Work Like Everything Else

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that folder events do NOT function the same as other events in numerous ways. My small, non-sexy request is that, FOR GOD’S SAKE, -finally- make them function consistently with the rest of Cubase. The following is certainly not a comprehensive list.

  1. You can’t enter a Start or End point (they’re greyed out). (Or is it ‘grayed’? :smiley: )

  2. If you grab a bunch of events with your mouse and drag them? The folder events don’t go along for the ride UNLESS the folder events are the focus of your mouse. IOW: Drag events from 10 different tracks, but 2 of them are folder tracks. If the focus of yer mouse is not one of the folder tracks, those tracks are -not- dragged. WTF???

  3. Similarly, if you select a bunch of tracks and try to be clever and NOT make the last one selected a folder track and then move them all in one go by entering a new Start point, the folder tracks do NOT always go along for the ride. The ONLY reliable way to make this happen is to drag them as I describe in #2 (or to use the Range tool.)

This inconsistency has driven me pazzo so many times I cannot begin to tell you. It goes along with a decade long rant I have which is: MOVING/COPYING STUFF IS TOO FRICKIN’ HARD!!! Most of the music I write is not 8 bars or 32 bars or -whatever- ‘dance’ music. I’m -constantly- trying to shuffle odd bits from one part of a theme to another as -any- composer would. I can’t even talk about it because when I’ve mentioned ‘Sonata Form’ or ‘themes’ it sounds pretentious. I’m not ‘Hans’… I can’t afford ‘assistants’ to help me with this sort of mundane crap.

It should be DEAD SIMPLE to copy/paste long musical -ideas- in Cubase and it’s NOT unless you do ‘dance’ music or some other format with nice even bar formats and NO keyswitches or other stuff that overlaps barlines. And this is one very simple thing that would -really- help me.