Annual Request: Make Sharing Presets EASY

I see all manner of requests/asks where someone chimes in, “Just use the LE!” or “Just set up a…”

… and then there’s a screen cap.

If SB wants to increase customer satisfaction a TON, they should implement a simple:

‘Export this preset’ in the LE, colour palettes, keyboard… everywhere there are presets in Cubase. It should be super-easy to export and import presets.

And then there should be a User Library on this here web site as NI does with Reaktor. I got started on Reaktor programming -not- by looking at screencaps but rather by grabbing other people’s stuff, having some fun and THEN reverse-engineering.

The reason people don’t get into LE and other advanced topics is because they feel like they have to re-invent the wheel.

And it doesn’t help when other people say, ‘RTFM I did it!’ That’s disheartening for a lot of people. We’re all now used to -sharing- our efforts. But you can’t easily do that with Cubase.

The frustrating thing is that an Export/Import button would probably take the devs about an hour to implement.