Annual Request: Make Tempo Detection SIMPLE

For fifteen years I’ve been saying that tempo detection in Cubase stunk. OK, that’s not very helpful.

For years it simply did not work. It now (mostly) ‘works’, but it’s counter-intuitive and clunky.

When I first got a trial version of Ableton I was stunned at how it was a one-button affair. It just -worked-. No tweaking, no ‘procedures’ or arcane terminology with warps and tabs and hit points. It just -worked-.

Even the old-fashioned Beat Detective in PT is -still- more reliable and straightforward.

I feel that it’s like with the track colours. For years -everyone- knew what they wanted: JUST DO WHAT PRO-TOOLS DOES. And for -whatever- reason, SB kept coming up with like eight different ways to avoid doing the obvious thing. Copy PT.

I’m just saying: giving up fighting it. Just copy Live or PT and stop with all the complicated crap. Make it a one button affair. Once and for all.