Annual Request: Plug-In Fault Catcher

For -me- Cubase in Windows has always ‘hung’. And by ‘hung’ I mean that I have to use TaskMgr to shut it down.

I have come to believe that this is not the Cubase core per se, but rather that there are some plugs… or combinations of plugs… that just make Cubase hang. I say this because =whenever= I have had problems like this they have always -seemed- ‘CPR-specific’. But when I go to another CPR, Cubase -never- hangs. And the only conclusion I can ever come to is that one CPR uses ‘x’ subset of plugs and another CPR uses ‘y’ subset.

But because one uses so -many- plugs in any given CPR, it can be maddening to determine -which- is/are causing the issue. So I tend to throw up my hands with all of it. I simply don’t have all the hours in the day necessary to definitively determine -which- plugs are the culprit(s).

The only commonality I have seemed to find is that when a plug ‘dies’ it is actually marked with a little green leaf in TaskMgr, indicating that the -plug- has gone into ‘sleep’ mode–even though the parent app (cubase) is still alive. But because Cubase can’t ‘wake up’ the plug, Cubase itself gets stuck. BUT there is no way to determine -which- plug (or combination of plugs) has gone to sleep.

In short: I wish to CHRIST that Cubase had a definitive plug-in fault catcher. ie. a log that catches when a plug-in misbehaves (either stopped responding or gone to sleep). So when it hangs it would at least tell you WHY.

This has taken YEARS off my life with Cubase. Not least of which because as you know, when Cubase hangs, you can lose all some or all yer settings–which are saved on exit.

Cubase Plug-In Fault Catcher. That’s what I want for Christmas, Steinberg.