Annual Request: Post Render Success Checker

Since FOOOOOR-EHVER… There should be -some- mechanism for checking the -success- of an Export Audio Process.

Basically, every time I get a new computer everything is cool, but as the years go by and I bump up against the processing limit of the machine, I start to notice that renders that -appear- to go OK, actually are -not- ‘OK’.

They will have very small ‘mistakes’… some events will be missing. Or some events will have missing plug-ins at certain points. Or some plug-ins will be rendered incorrectly. It varies in 100’s of different ways.

In short, there must be -some- way to verify that the render actually ‘rendered’ properly. There is NOTHING so nerve-wracking as wasting 20 minutes rendering one’s masterpiece only to find out that it is not OK. Like a souffle that has fallen. We simply -have- to be able to trust these renders… or at -least- be able to check their viability with laboriously -auditing- (literally) every last frickin’ note after every frickin’ render.

+1 emphatically!

The only solution now is to import the audio into the project to listen to when the export concludes. Then you must remember to mute so that it doesn’t get exported in the next render. To delete it, that’s a PITA because of the multiple mouse clicks involved to get it out of the pool, off the hard drive, etc. A render-check track should last no longer than the current project is open, should automatically not be part of any subsequent export, and probably a few other things that a moments thought would reveal. Excellent efficiency improvement, this!