Annual Request: Project Notes On File Open Dialogue

Ten years may be the charm!

IMO, this feature might mitigate the need for a lot of the fancy-schmancy sub-project and ‘chunks’ requests.

The File Open Dialogue should include a re-sizeable read only text browser which displays Project Notes as one scrolls through the list of CPRs and BAKs.

Use Case: So obviously, as you saved your CPR, you’d type in a little note that said, “This was the version the new guitar turnaround”. As you scrolled through the CPRs, you’d see the notes for each CPR and could use the notes (rather than some cryptic file name or date stamp) to decide which was the one you wanted to open.

+1 I am not holding my breath though. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:



Definitely doesn’t mitigate the far different need for something like Chunks or sub-projects, but it would be great to have this, too.