Annual Request: Proposed Solution To '4 Points Problem'

This is a short version of a proposal I’ve had for solving the mega-annoying ‘you have to use 4 selection points to raise/lower one section of automation.’

What I propose:

  1. Select an area of notes (if MIDI) or audio in the track.

  2. Now create or select an automation point.

  3. Hold down Ctrl and double click on that point.

What happens is this: A ‘virtual point’ is created to the left and to the right of the select point, the width of which is determined by the selection area of the track. The white box appears which allows you to then raise the entire selection area up/down/slope left/slope right. In effect, the white box creates the new automation points for you and then presents you with the white box… all in one go.

It’s simple, easy to remember, and it’s consistent with the current UX.

This is such a big deal that this should really by a Sticky. It drives everyone nuts, right? This may/may not be ‘the’ solution, but -something- needs to be done and the only way to get traction is to upvote one version of this topic and keep 'er going.

In fact, I would suggest that there are about 6-7 ultra-annoying fixes like this that should be kept bubbling at the top of this list until SB gets the message. I think that’s my main frustration with Cubase… certain things like this and Lock Locators, that seem -so- easy to do, languish for like 10 years.

i have much"easier life" with automation draw and fixes since i find out the automation lane/line can be drawn by the line tools… but i think could be better not switching all the time the tools for that.