Annual Request: Save Selection To New CPR

There should be a one button solution which:

Saves the current Locator selection to a new CPR, auto-magically removing -any- surrounding materials.

As part of this, it should also remove any unused VSTis and channels.

Eg. I have a ‘scratchpad’ area of 32 bars somewhere in the middle of a huge CPR. The idea only has one audio and 2 MIDI tracks, which is easily determined because there are only events on 3 tracks in that selection. The rest of the project has hundreds of tracks and a dozen VSTis.

The new CPR should consist of only 3 tracks: 1 audio and 2 MIDI. And only the 2 necessary VSTis should be carried over.

Also, the new CPR should start at bar 1… even though in the source, the idea started at bar 312.

I would use this at least 1x per day.

PS: I wish there was a Forum Preference: DISALLOW HELPFUL WORKAROUND POSTS I know they’re well-intentioned, but I don’t want a work-around. I think many of us would like a polite way to say, ‘Don’t bother!’. After thinking about this for 15+ years, that whole conversation has gotten -old-. People want what they want… not some Rube Goldberg deal which is what these topics typically devolve into.