Annual Request: Save Settings Without Exiting

Face it… Cubase crashes. And when it does, certain settings are not saved since Cubase writes its settings on a graceful shutdown.

For the love of God, -please- give us the option to save all settings, including MRU List -without- having to shut down.

Agree. The current approach is nonsensical.

Agreed also. To prevent the eventual lost of my settings, I try as much as I can to make a backup of them all (the content of C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64) in a safe place before starting a Cubase session. There are two annoyances, though :

  • Sometimes, I forget to do so…
  • There are no less than 64 Mb spread in 709 files and 84 folders.
    So, being able to save all this within Cubase, either in the same way as templates or as an ‘auto save’, would be truely helpful, especially when changes in the preferences or the Studio options are done.

Actually, I made a Windows script file, a long time ago, which was making the needed save of my settings and launch Cubase in one pass, but it was for Cubase 6.5. I’m going to look at it again and post an updated version here, if someone is interested.