Annual Request: Show Tool Tips In MixConsole

I am CONSTANTLY forgetting the shortcut keystrokes for things like setting the same output channel for multiple tracks. If ONLY when you hovered over a track it gave you a tooltip or -some- other hint to remind you of stuff like this…, timesavers that you don’t use often enough to commit to memory.

These kinds of shortcuts are either absent from or buried in the PDF (which is hard to search). I wouldn’t care if the -program- guided me.

You can use Wavelab as yer model… if EVER there was a super-complex program that is pretty much self-documenting, WL is it. There’s a tooltip -and- a link to context-sensitive help for almost everything. It’s pretty stunning.

+1 – Tool Tips in the MixConsole would be very helpful.

Tool tips in the MixCounsel would assist learning and general use for beginners and long-time users alike. Good idea.