Annual Request: Split Events Inside Editor

Twelve Years could be the charm.

One should be able to manipulate MIDI Events -inside- the Key Editor OR from the In-Place Editor.

Select the scissors anywhere -except- a note should DIVIDE the Event in two.

Likewise, if one is editing two Events inside the Editor it should be possible to ‘glue’ them together.

Oh… and while we’re at it, Repeat Events should -also- function inside the Editors.

And don’t get me started on how one should be able to manipulate tempi and time sigs inside the Editors.

I usually agree with your suggestions, but this one is not entirely clear (to me). Any possibility of re-wording it, possibly dividing into two or three?

I dunno how to re-word it much better. SB knows what I mean… as do old-timers here.

When yer inside the Key Editor, you should be able to split the EVENT itself in two. You should not have to exit the Key Editor to manipulate the -event-. You should be able to split and repeat and move events around INSIDE the Key Editor.

You should -also- be able to do all that stuff in the In-Line Editor.

The point is that one spends a surprising amount of time going IN and OUT and IN and OUT and IN and OUT.

Gee is it getting hot in here? :smiley:



Tools should work in every window. I should be able to drag an Expression Map part to another lane or use the arrows to change the position or lane of a part in the Expression Map window.