Annual Request: Stop Writing Settings Data On Shutdown!

It’s now been almost 15 years…

Face it: Cubase crashes. We don’t like to talk about it, but it -happens-.

And what I find MADDENING is that, Cubase doesn’t save LOTS of settings until a clean shutdown. This is 2017! Many apps save AS YOU TYPE. I understand that’s simply too expensive, but why on earth can’t it save yer settings during the AutoSave? Or using any of many other strategies.

It is frustrating to have Cubase crash and then re-open with a backup of yer CPR (good) but find that various settings (including the MRU list) are Gone With The Wind.

Cubase is the best DAW I’ve used, I don’t really care that it crashes after I’ve saved my work. But It is a PITA to get back there, usually you’re a couple days behind. It would be nice at a minimum if it saved the most recent files when you hit Ctrl-S. This might not be that hard to implement, just do all the shutdown state stuff before unloading everything.

+1… enough said.

Regards :sunglasses:


And the “recent projects” list is unreliable because of this. I use ctrl+alt+s constantly and end up having many project versions differing only by the suffix (-01, -02, and so on). I am never sure if the list is actually showing me the last version, or only the last version that has already been on the list before a crash. I need to check the project files in explorer every time just to be sure. Annoying.


+1 have cursed studio and midi connections many times because of this.

+1000. I doubt crashing on exit will go away, so let’s just fix the settings saving.

Same here, I have to reopen the Inspector Tabs for all track types every time Cubase crashes even though I have my own presets saved.


I love how you always manage to pick issues that most people encounter, grumble about and move on because “that’s just the way it is”. This one has bugged me for years. Yes, it would be wonderful if you hit Save and everything is saved in go. I can’t count the amount of time I’ve wasted rebuilding unsaved non-.CPR parameters after a crash. Big +1 from me.

So many people tend to piss on suggestions (except for their own, of course). And then there are the people who say “ONLY FIX BUGS!” or “NEW FEATURES OR I’M THROUGH WITH CUBASE!” And I believe it’s created a culture at SB where they simply ignore what I call ‘polishing’… making the software more -usable-.

I have little tolerance for software that isn’t usable. During my years as a software dev I wrote accounting software which was used (mostly) by cranky customer service people who DEMANDED that all the edges be polished as they would get FIRED if they weren’t as productive as possible. So I always directed my team to devote maybe 10% of their time to polishing; not adding new features; not fixing bugs; just taking in complaints where the software required ‘workarounds’ or needed some sort of ‘reminder notes’.

MOST of my ‘Annual Requests’ are polishing requests–just getting round to making the initial good idea, silky smooth. What SB tends to do is implement a good idea, but only 85% baked. They fix the obvious bugs, but then leave that last 10-15% and forget about it. But it’s in that last 15% where the real joy happens; where the software moves with you like a good suit, instead of being a suit of armor that you’re aware of with every step.

Oh yes please… -10 000 000


So tired of installing a few plug-ins, sorting them into my collection in the plug-in manager, test them out and one crashes Cubase, gotta re-launch and sort again. I’ve gotten into the habit of restarting Cubase every time I change settings, but I still forget sometimes and those seem to be the times this bites me.





+1, I’ve had to re-set sooooo many settings because Cubase didn’t shut down properly. I feel like even sometimes when I do shut it down properly that I find some settings haven’t really gotten saved.