Annual Request: Tape Machine Style Monitor Improvements

I’ve always used Tape Machine style Monitoring.

Either I’ve gotten older or it’s somehow changed in a subtle way. But it’s too ‘touchy’ and needs the following improvements:

  1. When you first open a CPR, the selected track should NOT have Monitor active. I repeat: NOT. The Monitor button should light up when you actively select -another- track… and then from there act as expected. But the last thing you want when you first open a CPR is to have a mic track immediately go hot and have that lovely audio feedback just as yer first sitting down.

  2. When you save a CPR or hit Export, the Monitor button for the select track should DE-activate. For some reason, this seems ‘twitchy’. Too often, a track will somehow magically go Monitor active when you save or Export.

  3. Track Monitor should NEVER go active when yer scrolling up and down between tracks (navigating) OR when you use Track Find. Basically, it should only turn Monitor ‘on’ when you actually -click- on a track to select it… not when you ‘slide’ into it via navigation or via Find.

  4. There needs to be a one-button ‘Suspend’ key command toggle. Basically where you can put this feature ‘on-hold’ and then re-enable it. This is necessary because there aren’t separate key commands for each Monitoring type… you have to round-robin through them. While I want Tape Machine style on 99% of the time, sometimes I want it to KNOCK IT OFF for 30 seconds, whilst I’m looking around.

  5. This may seem unrelated, but there needs to be a ‘Select The Track I’m Editing’ key command. It’s easier to give an example:

I have Track Bass Guitar selected. So its Monitor is ‘on’. I scroll up 20 tracks to ‘Piano’ and click the ‘E’ to look at the Track Channel. Now this track is NOT selected. I’m editing, but Bass Guitar is still the selected track and thus Monitor is active. WITHOUT CLOSING the Piano Track Editor (or the MIDI Key Editor if that was being worked on) I want to be able to make Piano the selected track… and thus activate Monitor on Piano. IOW: I want Cubase to magically move the selected track up 20 (from Bass Guitar to Piano) without having to a) close Editor Window b) select Piano Track on Arranger c) re-open Editor Window.

This seems like trivial stuff but it would save me a LOT of time.