Annual Request: Tool Tip +/- When Changing Automation Values

Another decade-long request.

When you click on an automation point you can drag it up or down and the tool tip shows you the changing value. Similarly when you move events it shows you the position in bars/beats.

What I have always wanted in an option showing the -change- rather than the absolute value… as it currently does for moving bars/beats

So for automation points, it should show the amount you are moving up or down. eg. +2.5db

Get it? That would be a LOT more valuable to me most times than seeing the -absolute- value as it now does.

But since this is a Non-Sexy Feature Request (NSFR), I’ll be dead when it happens. That’ll show 'em.

I think this could be very useful as an option


  • like it is in StudioOne…
    ToolTip - displays automation value changes.gif
    First you hover to see static values (Timeline position, type, value); as soon as you click and begin to move/drag the node, the ToolTip now displays the new value AND the +/- change value in brackets.

Nice. Proper. Modern. Clean. Elegant. Simple. Informative. User-friendly. etc, etc…



+1 Another non-flashy incredibly useful feature for everyday work.

+1 Wow I requested this years ago. You all summed it up nicely. I’m a professional engineer/mixer and I spend hours a day clicking and scrolling. This a another of many BASIC features that Cubase/Nuendo fails on. Steinberg, please add this, pretty please!

+1 bigtime


This is major for any serious mixer.



Hear, hear. +1


This should have been implemented when the new automation handling was introduced in CB 9.5. Still no values when first using the range tool to create automatic automation points.

Edit: Just noticed this is in the CB 9 section of the Forum.

Any update for 10.5 for this little tool tip?

Just add the Change value too, would be a 5 minute fix… unless it’s done??

+10000. After seeing it in Reaper, thats a must have.