Annual Request: Vertical Line Bisecting Project Window For Markers

I wish I was more of a Photoshop kind of a guy.

ALL I want is a semi-transparent vertical rule running from the top track to the bottom at every marker.

One VERY easy way to do this would be as follows.

Whatever colour I make a marker, the vertical rule at that point would take on that same colour. Get it? That would make it sooooo much easier to find my way through large projects.

This could be a .0x improvement.


This sounds like it could be really helpful. Making it optional would probably be a good idea, since not everyone might welcome the additional graphic information, but many probably would.

It should definitely be a toggle switch. But a similar technique is used in the ‘real’ world of music scores all the time–I very distinct LINE at key sections of the score (often highlighted in a different colour) so the conductor can see on every part where they’re at.

+1 really helpful


I would actually use markers if this function existed.


Regards :sunglasses: