Annual Request: (Windows) Force Window Z

This is one of those things that is totally NON-sexy, VERY useful, but hard to talk about but easy IF I could make a video… which I can’t be bothered to do. :smiley:

So why do I bother? :smiley:

I want to be able to tell each of the main windows in Cubase to be either ON TOP or UNDERNEATH other applications that may be running. This is actually -crazy- easy in Windows API. Dunno about Mac.

NB: This article talks about using programs like AutoHotKey to add this functionality AND how certain programs (eg VLC) have this functionality in-built. And that’s what I want. I want Cubase to have this window ability baked into the program.

USE CASE: If you use another program like Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP), you’ve no doubt run into the situation where you really NEED to keep VEP visible while -still- being able to keep Cubase visible. But you can’t because Alt-Tabbing between apps hides the non-active app… UNLESS one of the apps is written in the way I want—to allow itself to always fit UNDER (lower z) or OVER (higher z). So in this case, we’d say that Cubase will -always- fit -under- VEP. That way, the VEP window will always be visible even if Cubase is the active app.

Yes, you can get a third display to run VEP, but I simply don’t have that amount of real estate anymore. And besides, it’s a pain to have to have a 3rd display just for this one thing. Totally NON-ergonomic.