Annual Unrealistic Request: Poll Senior Users BEFORE UI Changes


I think everyone living in the modern world ‘gets’ that corporations (all of 'em) have their own agendas which differ from their customers.

That said I’ve seen plenty of features implemented that were requested in the forum (and more that weren’t). So maybe it is not quite as black & white as portrayed?

I absolutely agree, the software is fantastic but for me the new transport bar is awful and uncomfortable, the same the new popup toolbox (uncomfortable in its linear style against the old-stylish rectangular shape, and difficult to click instanctly with the new graphic symbols): why change a so important thing that is the same from decades and is used millions of times a day? a great waste of time

I hope in the next upgrades they will add the possbility to choose between old and new…

This is the most pragmatic, legitimate “unrealistic” request that I’ve ever heard and I agree 100%. +1. Too bad I won’t be around to see it when it happens (if it happens) because I’ve moved on to Studio One. I could only take so much nonsense. I’m sticking with 8.5 since it’s the last good version before they went full kook.

+1 for most of this

I am strongly agree with esteemed colleague “sunflower”!!! There are indeed many UI changes in Cubase and Nuendo, which doesn’t make sense either in regard to the functionality but as well in regard to aesthetics and visibility. Please, Steinberg listen to SUNFLOWER.


Agree completely with most of this discussion. After several years of regularly upgrading to new versions, I hesitated a bit on 9/9.5 and have been into a full-blown brakes-on before jumping to 10. What I’m seeing here isn’t changing my mind.

Even if a company does a decent job of polling its user base, it can go off the rails big time if the feedback loop isn’t there, which has been the case with SB for some time now. Certainly some of the WTF??*! UI & workflow changes I’m hearing about in 10 appear to support that.

Put that together with some of the questionable decisions on what is & isn’t included in Artist, and :unamused: But that’s another topic …

Cubase user since ? 1992? Can’t even remember the version - sequencer-only that needed the big goofy red dongle.