Annual Wavelab Feature Request: Spectral Editing Like RX6

—specifically, the ONE reason I shelled out for RX was the Spectral Editor. It’s better in the following way(s):

  1. You can draw -multiple- selections and then apply a process to those selections. In WL, you have to do each selection one at a time. This can be unbelievably handy if you have a bunch of stabs or -whatever- (like a hi-hat) that need the same processing.

  2. Even better the RX spectral editor has a ‘find similar’ function, which is very much like the global search and replace in a word processor. So you find a particular problem (like the hi-hat above), select the first instance, then RX can find all instances of that type of sound and select them all. You can then process them all in one go. This has been a -game changer- for me.

Anyhoo… that’s literally my one big request. It’s not really a big issue since I do have RX, but I really would like to do -all- my audio work in either Cubase or WL. The older I get the less I want to have like 500 tools/plug-ins/etc.



I used to use the RX4 Connect plugin that was part of the Izotope package to do that with Wavelab on Windows. Worked fine. It wasn’t the expensive version.

Is that not on Mac, or not in RX6 ? I just tried it on WL9 and it seems to work fine once you find the right buttons to push.

There will be some big changes in the WaveLab Spectrum editor.

May I request that the capacity to do mid/side spectral editing remain.


May I request that the capacity to do mid/side spectral editing remain

For sure

No, it’s still there. It actually works. As I wrote, I’m just trying to whittle down all the squillions of ‘tools’ I use.

The older I get, the LESS crap I want to have to remember to use. I’ve SERIOUSLY taken to MasterRig—not only because it works well, but because I did a count one time and I’ve got collected like TWENTY EQ plug-ins and even more compressors. It’s just stupid.



Woo hoo!


Justin quick question: Are Pro Tools playlists just different versions of files layered on one track so you can bring forward and send backward to have them visible and active or not ? Using a selection pulldown for the whole track, on the left of the track? And the audiosuite plugins can be destructively applied directly to the clips ?


Great news, but too late … I already bought RX.

Thanks for the explanation Justin. I really appreciate it.



For those in the know of Cubase, what Protools calls ‘playlists’ are ‘TrackVersions’ in Cubase - though some of the process Justin describes could also be done using the ‘lanes’ within a track.

Call me stroppy and anal, but I think about 2/3 of this topic should be moved to a separate topic and excised from this topic. One of the things I like about fora (like this) and absolutely -hate- about ‘social media’ is when topics go off on tangents and end up somewhere else entirely.

+1, please don’t forget that when other forum users subscribe to a topic on “Spectral Editing Like RX6”, there is an expectation that responding to the email alert will result in learning something about spectral editing, and not someone’s personal meanderings about workflows, or unrelated products. So yes, please, let’s get back on topic!

Sorry for getting off topic, figured it was all for the greater good of the software.

I will refrain from offering any further help in any way.

Don’t do that!

Just start a new topic. :slight_smile:

As MrSoundMan rightly points out: the value of fora like this is not just answering the question in the moment. It’s also important to make this info easily searchable for others. I go NUTS in the Cubase forum for exactly this reason—there are so many questions that have already been answered, but because it’s often hard to find info, people keep having to ask the same thing over and over.