Another 8ba problem

In this example the 8th note in the bass has an octava bassa indication while a voice which crosses over to the same stave should not, but I can’t adjust the 8ba line so it is just under the one note which would clarify the situation quite well. I know I can move the line in Engrave mode but that doesn’t adjust the end point. I also could find no way to make a new 8 symbol without the extension line unless it saved somewhere where I can’t find it. I know this has been discussed before but there needs to be a better solution for this, unless I"m missing something.

I think what’s happening is the notes that you moved from the upper staff exist within the duration of the notes from the lower staff, and since you can’t really apply an 8ba to part of a note’s duration, it is being applied to the note with the longest duration. Even if you could physically change the line, I think you would have the same issue because the 8ba has to be “held” for the entire duration of the low B natural. what you’re saying makes sense logically and from a notation/performance viewpoint, but maybe not from a programming viewpoint. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t speak to that. I guess the easiest solution is to write the B natural in the lower octave and not use the 8ba. As a pianist, I’m wondering if you should keep the D natural and F sharp and the following D and F in the right hand and put the low G in the left hand. Just a couple of thoughts.

Thanks bwjagger, for me it would be easier to pass the rh over the f# d dyad to the g but the easiest solution may be to write the low b at pictch. Just the octave sign under the b would/should suffice to mean that whole duration of the note would be the low b. It is frustrating not to be able to notate things the way I would like.

Have you tried showing the caret on the left-hand staff at the position of the low B eighth note and in the same voice, typing Shift+C, entering 8ba in the popover, and then hitting Alt+Return to create the octave line specifically in the voice of the low B?

Enter the ottava line with the caret, then define its length using the number 4 (for a semiquaver/16th) followed by Space, or by typing hitting Space and then using Shift-Alt-Left arrow to shorten it by the grid value.

I was unable to even get an 8ba sign under the note using shift + C, tried it in full score and part, nothing happened. I was able to get it to work by using the r h panel / clefs / 8ba while holding the alt key. Thank you all for the help.

You are sure you have advanced the caret with space bar as Leo told you to, after alt-entering the popover? If you have not, then the “clef” has no duration and therefore does not show…

Yes, I tried it several different ways, but as long as I got the right outcome I’m happy.