Another attempt to get attention of Steinberg

Upgraded from 7.5 to 8 and now have loss of performance. I have posted several times on this forum and had many replies from users but none from Steinberg themselves. Also logged the issue twice and had no reply.
If anyone can help i would love to hear from you. Apologies for the sound but the problem is clear to see.
VST meters all over the place since upgrade.

Typically, my suggestion would be to contact your local support for this type of issue. A few suggestions/questions I would have:

  1. If you start a new empty template and load Halion Sonic SE, do you see the same spiking?
  2. Assuming that you do not, start another new, empty project without anything loaded and load Omnisphere. Do the spikes start then without anything else loaded?
  3. Is Omnisphere installed on the your operating system SSD drive, the 500GB SSD drive, or the 1TB 7200 rpm drive?
  4. Is the UR44 connected directly to the computer with a USB 2 or USB 3 connection? Or is it connected through a Hub?

Thank you.

Hi Chris, thanks for you reply.

  1. yes I believe so but will confirm tonight. I definitely get the spiking with Korg pluggins only loaded.
  2. As far as I can tell this only happens on third party pluggins, again I will confirm tonight.
  3. Cubase is installed on system SSD as is Omnisphere (had the problem before I bought Omnisphere), all samples and sounds are installed on 500GB SSD, with projects being saved on the 7200RPM drive.
  4. Directly to USB 2 as you get problems with USB 3 connection.
    I am assuming that the issue is with Cubase 8 although I did also upgrade to the UR44 at the same time.
    What seems strange to me is that i installed 7.5 again (side by side) and this problem is now in 7.5 but was not there previously. This could suggest that its actually the UR44 at fault but that does not make sense to me .

The biggest clue I think is that when the channel is not record enabled or has the monitor off the issue is not there.

I did a complete format of my machine due to this issue and after the re-install it was the same.
I have to say that the Steinberg installers are not great, they should make it easier to install the program on one drive and the samples and sounds on another. I had so much trouble get this to work the way I have it.
I am happy to again remove and try again. However I think this time I would put 7.5 back on and see how it worked before version 8.

What are you thoughts on the fact the problems only there when record armed or monitor on?

By the way what do you mean by contact your local support?

Different countries have different support methods. In the USA Chris and the Yamaha team answer questions, but they also (on their own time) come here and respond. In the UK and some of the EU countries support is handled by the team in Hamburg. Elsewhere, support is done through the local distributor, with differing results. If you have a look at the support contact pages you can see how it works, and also there is telephone support for those aforesaid EU countries (though I have never used it myself)

Hmm. I assumed that when I click on English forums rather than German it was simply English speaking? I would be interested to find a USA forum as a problem is a problem no matter where In the world it is. I can then look to see if there are similar resolved issues

Just checked and no matter if you are in usa or uk you will end up on same forum I believe.

I’m not talking about the forums.I refer to tech support that is provided through your My Steinberg account at

Ah ok. So are you saying tech support guys that cover Europe are not so good [emoji56]

No, you are saying that. In another of the many threads you have going I linked you to a post where a Steinberg rep responded to the problem of the support delays, so that is where you should voice your opinion.

With regard to the performance, it would make sense to me that the issue would only arise with Record or Monitor Enable turned on because this is when data is being sent live to the plugin.

Do you have Hyperthreading turned on for the system?

Yes hyperthreading is on. Attached are a few screens which show my setup incase there is anything that looks wrong.

We would recommend turning Hyperthreading off.

Does the issue persist then with Halion Sonic SE?

i have always had hyper threading turned on with no issue. The article you supplied recommends HT on with Asio guard. I have now removed Cubase 8 but the problem remains in 7.5 even though it was not there before i introduced Cubase 8 and UR44. I will post a few links showing the meter spiking all over with only a single VSTi loaded.
Is it possible either there is a problem with the UR44 or the new drivers associated with it as I had no issues with UR22?


HT is recommended with ASIO Guard since Cubase 7 / Nuendo 6, but we’ve seen a few systems where HT created issues, so Chris’ recommendation is valid. There are a couple things you can check before tweaking the BIOS/EIST, though.

Does the spiking occur also with ASIO Guard off? Does the spiking get worse when hovering on the VSTs GUIs?

Besides the KB article linked by Chris, may you please have a look at this post and let me know what you did already? - You can also PM me.

I will look for the e-mails you sent and drag them to my folder. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hi Fabio, thanks for your comments. I will go through the check list this evening and advise current status. I will also turn off the HT out of curiosity as my system ran fine with it on previously. I also believe the issue is sligy worse with asio guard off. There is no issue hovering over any GUI

Tried all the suggestions in the links above and no difference. I did try the onboard audio with asio4all and found that there was an improvement. Particularly when changing patches the spikes were only hitting 25% instead of 90-100%.
This was at 512 samples as anything less and I do not get any sound strangely. So i am unsure if the change is simply to do with the higher 512 sasmple? I still have nagging thoughts that it may be something to do with the new UR44 and its drivers. Is there any software to test the UR44 without using cubase?

Thank you. I found your e-mails and will reply today - we can take it from there.


Thanks Fabio, just to let you know I am 100% happy to give you total control over my PC in an attempt to try find a solution for not only myself but the many other that seem to have this issue. I have fast internet connection but to speed up the process I would be please to pre download any files and programs you might need ready for you to try.
if this is an option you would like to try please provide a list or better still links to the software you require.
I would also be happy to completely wipe my machine and install windows again.

let me know.

thanks again.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this pretty late. I sent you an e-mail and offered a Remote Session.

You can find TeamViewer in MySteinberg -> My Support -> Remote Support.

Kind regards,