Another audio engine hanging issue... Waves plugins related

Hi, sorry to add yet another audio engine hanging on startup issue…

I’ve got some waves plugins and if you know them, you only get one license. As I use them live sometimes, I swap the licences back and forth from my laptop to my studio machine (a massive PITA, but there you go…). However, if I forget, I have to wait for the 'license not found ’ dialogue, click ‘skip’ and move on… This happens with all my software that uses VSTs. However, with Dorico, the dialogue doesn’t appear, so I can’t click ‘skip’

I’ve blacklisted the plugins, taken the directory that contains them out of the searched directories (all I use with Dorico is the halion se) but obviously it’s still scanning them…

Any thoughts how to stop it scanning all the plugins I don’t need with Dorico?



Have a look behind the Dorico window, the ‘license not found’ dialog just does not find it’s way to the front.

That’s the problem though Ulf, bringing them to the front is difficult because alt-tab doesn’t switch to them and there’s no way to minimise the Dorico splash screen… It involves lots of swearing and random clicking around the screen to make them appear… If I could stop them being scanned in the first place, it would be easier…


Hi @Toaster1974 , unfortunately there is no way around. You can’t manually blacklist plug-ins, but it is something that we have on our agenda, but not for the near future.

But are your Wave plugs VST2 or VST3? If they are VST2, you could take out the search path to them. That’s the only possibility.

You can actually click on the Dorico splash screen to hide it, if you do it quickly enough when it first appears.